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As you may be aware, the ongoing problems with our upstream link to Infinity Internet have continued to mostly remain unresolved; we go through extended bursts of time with 70% packet loss, falling offline, particularly when it's sunny, because Verizon and now Frontier will not maintain their infrastructure. IINet is not supporting other transports at this time, so we're stuck with Frontier and DSL if we want to keep talking with them.

Given that we're trying to run an assortment of professional websites here, and given that our throughput rates are no longer up to modern standards and cannot be either relied upon or upgraded in place, we are forced to move to a new upstream provider.

This means prying our Class C out of my cold, dead hands, which makes me sad. We'll be squeezing our server farm into five fixed IP addresses and all the workstations onto DHCP and address translation, and honestly I'm not thrilled about that, but, well, one does what one must. Offline with a Class C is not better than online with a /30+1.

Over the next as-quickly-as-I-can-manage-it days, we're going to be moving servers from the old net to the new net. If things go spectacularly well, we'll be able to do this quickly and quietly with a minimum of downtime, and support both address spaces during the transition through multiple interfaces and routing tricks. On the other hand, if things go as expected, it'll be rocky for a couple of weeks. If you're addressing anything on our network by IP address, stop now, and start using hostnames. The 209.20.199 hostblock will be history within a month, so it's time to join the... um... 1980s... and start using hostnames. Seriously, like right now.

If you have files on our servers, either newmoon or lodestone, now would be a very good time to doublecheck that you have backups. Make sure in particular that you have off-site copies of anything critical. You may not be able to get to them at times during the transition, and there may and may not be notice of offline time if things go particularly badly.

If you use us as a DNS server, you should already have received mail from us! If you have not, contact me IMMEDIATELY.

If you have virtual hosting with us, mail, webhosting of any sort, and so on, we hope that this will be transparent and you won't have to do anything at all, as long as you aren't hardcoding IP addresses in anything. If you are, stop now, and start using names. For theoretical best transportability, use and, but really all names get treated about the same.

Thanks, and hopefully we'll get through this with as little pain as possible, with a glorious new era of something vaguely like modern net speeds and stability at the end of the process. Wish us luck.

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