The Murkworks Administrative Notices Account (murknet) wrote,
The Murkworks Administrative Notices Account

Heat-related shutdowns possible (if not likely)

We're experience a record-setting heat wave here around the Nightmare Factory, and while we're pretty good at heat management, we do not have full A/C, and the Murkworks may have to shut down some servers during peak heat times of the day. This will happen with relatively little notice. The order of shutdown will be, as necessary: backup services, mail services, web services, then DNS and complete network, in that order. We fully expect to take at least backup services offline Tuesday and Wednesday (28/29 July), with predicted highs around 37°C on Wednesday. It is likely that we will take down mail services as well on Wednesday, but we will work to avoid it.

Temperatures are expected to return to ranges more approximating normal on Thursday and Friday, or so we hope.

eta: We just broke 30° in the server room. Backup services are going offline now.
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